Class of 2020

Meet our students, the brilliant class of 2020. They began their journey at TYS as a group of 41 students attending our two-week summer camp in August 2018, seeking one of 28 spots in our Bridge Program. These students arrived with limited confidence in both written and spoken English, and since have become accomplished and confident artists, artisans, athletes and dancers, starring in movies, creating murals, learning to surf and taking weekly traditional music and dance classes.

Student Highlights


“I am the only one in my family who has attended school. When I finished junior high school I had the opportunity to attend TYS to study and improve my English. The English language is very important in Ghana and the teachers helped me improve a lot.  If you don’t speak good English it is difficult to get a good job.”

Sophia graduated from TYS and will soon start a three-year tailoring apprenticeship in our Career Development Program (CDP). Her dream is to become a fashion designer and a master tailor.


“I don’t have the words to describe what TYS is doing. There are many youth in the village who have little or no family support. TYS is here for us and our future. At TYS I learned skills I use everyday to run my tailor shop. Through the CDP I was given a three-year apprenticeship with a master tailor, all my expenses were paid and all the support and tools I needed were given. I can boldly say, without TYS I would not be where I am today.”

Kingsford is now a master tailor and owns his own tailor shop.


“When I finished Junior high school I didn’t have any support from my family to continue my studies. Before joining TYS I used to work in the farm, planting cassava and tomatoes to earn money. My experience at TYS is life-changing! TYS has greatly improved my speaking, reading and writing in English. I like the way the teachers treat me and how they take time to explain everything.”

Samuel graduated from TYS and now, through our CDP, will start a three-year apprenticeship at the Kwansa Toyota Shop to become a qualified car mechanic.


“My mother raised me and my three siblings as a single parent before she passed away, when I was in Class 6. I moved to Agona to stay with a relative, but after a year had to come back as I was abused. After Junior high school I got the opportunity to study at TYS. I took it, as I had heard many inspiring stories of former students. Now I have my own inspiring story to tell!”

After graduating from TYS Florence plans to enroll in our CDP to get placement in a vocational school to study catering.


“My parents separated when I was young and since then I’ve lived between my mother’s, my dad’s, and my friends’ homes. I started school in Akwidaa. My studying situation was difficult due to the lack of teachers at the school, and no electricity at home. Now, studying at TYS, I feel I have a future!”

John is studying hard to improve his reading and math skills, with the goal of becoming a tile mason and owning his own business.


“TYS has brought me from a state of hopelessness to a state of hopefulness. My life under the umbrella of TYS has been blessed. I am always going higher, even the sky no longer seems to be the limit!”

Even though he graduated from junior high school five years late, through TYS Zakari is working on his Bachelors degree in Medical Sciences at Kwame Nkrumah University, one of the top universities in Ghana.

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