Why Volunteer?

Volunteering with TYS is an opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact on a rural Ghanaian community, and its underserved youth. Volunteering with us also means becoming part of a diverse and welcoming community of international volunteers, Ghanaian staff, our students, their families and friends. This will be a uniquely rewarding and life-changing experience, one that will keep giving long after you leave the school.

This is the opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact on a rural Ghanaian community, its underprivileged youth and the small NGO that serves them.

Because TYS is a nonprofit, independent school, we have the freedom to offer an alternative curriculum, that provides students with a more holistic education, relevant to students’ lives, dreams and aspirations. You will have a wealth of resources at your fingertips: our library holds thousands of donated books and a large variety of teaching materials. You will be working alongside other passionate adults, who will help guide and support you in your experience.

Volunteer Life

All work and no play? Not at Trinity Yard! We have lots of fun here, both when we are working and when we’re not. Living in a tropical paradise, there are plenty of fun things to do: hiking, beach-volleyball, football (soccer), dancing, drumming, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, surfing, gardening, learning to cook traditional food, and much more.

Volunteers work five-hour work days, five days a week; room and board is provided free of charge. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared on-site by the TYS kitchen staff. We expect volunteers to be active in helping with the many daily tasks that make our community and school function. Living at TYS is about self-respect, respecting the environment and respecting those around you.

It’s also a chance to Expand your own horizons. You can immerse yourself in the region’s culture, learn a local language, dance to the beat of traditional drums, learn the ancient arts of Kente weaving and much more.

How to apply?

You can apply by sending us a letter of interest along with your résumé or by creating an account on Workaway and applying there. We have recurring openings for educators in English as a second language (ESL) and math. We have hosted farmers, videographers, photojournalists, artists, musicians, and other professionals. We are always open to talented and dedicated individuals looking to contribute to the lives of the young adults we serve.

The staff at Trinity Yard wholeheartedly welcomes you!

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