Our Farm

2021 Farm Project

Now, more than ever it is clear that our resources must be used to create healthy communities by maintaining healthy ecological systems worldwide. Moringa seedlings in the TYS nursery mango seedlings in the TYS nursery Trinity Yard School goes beyond just providing educational opportunities and vocational training. Our onsite farm aims to make TYS a …

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Managing weeds on the Sustainable Farm

Permaculture at TYS

As we feed our students both breakfast and lunch, and our live-in staff and volunteers receive full room and board, food represents a large portion of Trinity Yard’s budget. To reduce costs and become more sustainable we are working hard to produce as much food on our farm as we can. In the process we …

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Cassava Harvest

Green Day is my favorite day at TYS! This is when we learn about methods of sustainable agriculture, recycling and waste management outside the classroom. Recently we have been harvesting cassava from our farm land and turning it into garri. Garri is a starch extracted from cassava root which is one of our staple foods here …

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Permaculture at TYS

Despite valiant attempts at a diversified kitchen garden, our free-range chickens wreaked havoc on everything except for the coco yam, basil and aloe, apparently they are bomb-proof. This initiated the first of many farm projects this summer, which was to relocate and renovate the chicken coop. After diligent dedication the coop became a frame so that …

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