TYS Summer Camp

TYS hosted a mini Summer Camp for local youth to spark their interest in applying for admission.  We hosted 36 students every morning for a week!  They came from our town Cape Three Points, and by foot from Akwidaa and Aketeshie, which is an hour and a half walk each way.

Each day was different. We played new games, did math and English, exposed the students to kente and had them try their hands at batik. They did origami and worked at solving various word and math problems. We had them write and draw mini biographies as a means of telling us where they are now and to project where they would like to be in ten years. An overwhelming majority of the boys forecasted a future in professional football. Madame Stacey explained that statistically, the likelihood of that happening was as probable as Madame getting a job as a super model, the students laughed. They understood and eventually came back to Planet Earth to tell us they foresaw becoming electricians or seamstresses, construction workers or cooks, etc. We had them read and report back to us so that we could evaluate their sight reading and comprehension.

Happily, on the last day of camp, Jonathan Adzri wandered into the fray.  We were quite befuddled by his stellar command of English and facility with the trivia and word puzzles.  Lo and behold, Jonathan was really there to check us out and subsequently submitted his application to be a teacher at TYS.  He had spent the previous year teaching in Akwidaa! Summer camp. 

Student applications rolled in.  With the B.E.C.E. (junior high/JSS) test results that just came out, we were equipped to make our final admission decisions. It was a productive week, and we (Ago, Eric, and I) have a good sense of the applicants. For those of you who are intrigued by what we do and would like to participate, there is a lot of information on line.   If you are interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer at Trinity Yard, please visit our Volunteering page.

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