Trinity Yard School Board of Directors


Rory Jackson
Founder and President

Rory Jackson is an artist from Vermont. He had the vision for the Trinity Yard School while living in Cape Three Points in 2001: an organization dedicated to youth empowerment, cultivating community, preserving culture, and promoting sustainable farming. He launched the school in 2007, and has led TYS towards that vision ever since. Rory has two boys, Judah and Jahlani, who are at the center of his life and works.


Bob Evans
Board member

After 21 years as a Partner at Wellington Management Co. (founder of their fixed income business) Bob now advises multiple NGO’s focused in Africa. He is a Mentor at Techstars and The Conduit and a member of the London leadership team at Singularity University and The Katapult. He has been part of TYS since 2008, and inspired our apiary program.


Andrew Jackson
Board member

Andrew Jackson is a lawyer in Vermont. He assisted in the formation of Trinity Yard Ltd. and helped secure approval of its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. He has been on the board since its inception and has made repeat visits to Cape Three Points to assist in capital improvement projects, including the construction of the main building in 2012.


John DaCosta
Board member

John is a retired Partner of the Wellington Management Company. He is a 1986 graduate of the University of Connecticut and is currently coaching a boys’ high school soccer team in the Boston area. John is passionate about education, travel, soccer, history, mentoring and empowering young people. John and his wife Chrysa have two sons, Evan and Eric.


Jordyn Wells
Board member

Jordyn is a nonprofit consultant and the Managing Director of WMI, an international education and leadership organization. Jordyn has worked for more than a decade in the nonprofit sector, previously serving as the Chief Program Officer of Shining Hope for Communities and She holds a BA from Bard College and an MS in nonprofit management from Columbia University.

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