Transforming Lives One Wave at a Time

Trinity Yard School is transforming lives not only with their holistic educational programs but through surfing. Surfing has been part of the daily life at Trinity Yard for the past 20 years. The art of riding waves and learning to read the movements of the ocean has caught the interest of our students and village youth throughout the years. It is this past year that the surf culture in Cape Three Points has truly been ignited, cultivating a new generation of local surfers.

In 2018 enthusiasm for riding waves was cultivate when Christo Gilbert, a seasoned surfer from New Zealand, who helped to launch a weekly surf class during his 10-month teaching position at the school.

The Challenge of Surfing is Transforming Lives

“We started with just three boards,” Gilbert recounted, “but it wasn’t long before our eager students embraced the lineage of the sport. They took to the waves along our picturesque tropical coastline like fish to water.” Gilbert watched in awe as TYS students rode their first waves, harnessing the power of the ocean and learning for the first time the self-awareness and drive inspired by an individual sport.

Transforming lives

Gilbert returned this past November to witness a thriving surf club. He remarked, “To watch students of all ages immersed in the sport’s thrill is a testament to surfing’s impact. Its great to see surf classes are now running thrice weekly, spearheaded by one of our esteemed alumni, Desmond Arthur.” Having recently completed his training with the International Surfing Association under the guidance of Jamaican pro surfer Icha Wilmont, Desmond is now a certified coach.

As Gilbert concluded his 2023 stint, he left with an overflowing heart. The distinct progress in his students and the unfettered joy that surfing embedded in Trinity Yard were his proud takeaways. Reflecting on the journey, he expressed, “Given the opportunity, these youths will break barriers; not just waves. Here’s to surfing, transformation, and an indomitable Trinity Spirit!” To read Christo Gilbert’s rich journey through Trinity Yard, click here.

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Riding the Wave Together

As we wave goodbye to 2023 in Ghana, we applaud the extraordinary milestones achieved by our Trinity Yard School students across all programs. Not only have some of our students begun the journey of surfing but have also significantly enriched their academic capabilities through our Bridge, Career and After School Programs. As most of us know education is an invaluable gift that broadens perspectives, creates economic opportunity, and strengthens community.

Paddle out with us in 2024 and be part of this transformative wave of impact in this remote region, turning ideas into actualities and leaving a wake of real-world success stories.

When you donate to Trinity Yard School, you catalyze more than tangible resources – you kindle a beacon of hope within our students, empowering them to fearlessly grow into their full potential. Lets ride this wave together!!

The Trinity Yard School is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

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