Trinity Yard School’s Farm Project: Fostering Sustainability and Empowering Communities

Fostering sustainability must be at the forefront of our efforts to create healthy communities and maintain healthy ecological systems worldwide. In a world increasingly concerned about environmental degradation and the need for a more sustainable future, Trinity Yard School (TYS) is at the forefront of fostering sustainability and empowering communities in West Africa. Our onsite farm plays a pivotal role in this mission, serving as a living laboratory for students to learn about sustainable practices, while also producing fresh, nutritious food for the school and the surrounding community.

Moringa seedlings in the TYS nursery
mango seedlings in the TYS nursery

Fostering Sustainability with Regenerative Agriculture

Our farm is nestled amidst the lush greenery of one of West Africa’s last coastal forest reserves, providing a unique setting for students to connect with nature and learn about the importance of ecological stewardship. The farm’s proximity to this precious ecosystem underscores our commitment to preserving the region’s biodiversity and ensuring its sustainability for future generations.

Tilapia from the TYS pond
Fostering sustainability
Newly dug tilapia farm ponds

Green Day: Nurturing a Passion for Sustainability

Every Wednesday, students and staff at TYS participate in “Green Day,” a dedicated period for hands-on agricultural learning and exploration. Under the guidance of our experienced farmers, they engage in activities such as planting seedlings, tending to the vegetable gardens, learning about the importance of biodiversity, and experimenting with sustainable farming techniques.

Tilapia Fish-farming and Insect Production: Achieving Food Security

In 2021, we expanded our farm’s operations by introducing two innovative programs: tilapia fish-farming and insect production. Our tilapia fingerlings are thriving in our newly dug ponds, and we are excited to see their growth within a year. Additionally, our insect farm is providing a sustainable food source for our fowl and fish, demonstrating the farm’s ability to produce a variety of nutritious food sources while minimizing our impact on the environment.

Harnessing the Expertise of Our Experienced Farmers

Our team of five farmers possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sustainable agriculture, ensuring that our farm operates efficiently and sustainably. They diligently tend to all aspects of the farm, including our 100+ raised beds, chickens, ducks, rabbits, passion-fruit vines, mushroom production, fruit trees, moringa, and eight beehives.

Alumni Farm Highlight: Alfred Binnah

Alfred Binnah, a TYS alumnus, exemplifies the transformative power of our farm project. After graduating, he interned with our head gardener for two years, gaining valuable hands-on experience and knowledge in sustainable agriculture. Now, he is a full-time member of our agriculture staff, playing a crucial role in maintaining our vegetable gardens, growing oyster mushrooms, and producing moringa. Learn more about the benefits of Moringa here.

Alfred Binnah

Alfred Binnah's Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture

In Alfred’s own words, he shares his passion for sustainable agriculture: “The physical part of gardening and farming is one thing I like. Sometimes you have to weed and move around a lot. Generally, I like to keep fit and so it’s like exercise for me. I don’t get bored of it. In the near future, I want to make the TYS gardens a very reliable source of food. I think this would help lower our food expenditure. Having consistent food is a big part of survival so having skills to produce food is very necessary.”

Alfred’s story is a testament to the impact of our farm project on individuals and the community as a whole. His passion for sustainable agriculture has grown from his experience at TYS, and he is now playing a key role in promoting sustainable practices and food security in the region.

Supporting TYS's Farm Project: Investing in a Sustainable Future

The success of our farm project depends on the generous support of individuals and organizations like you. Your donations will enable us to continue providing our students with valuable agricultural training, expand our sustainable practices, and empower communities in West Africa.

Please consider donating today to help us continue our mission of fostering sustainability and empowering communities in West Africa. Your contribution will make a real difference in the lives of our students and the surrounding community.

Learn More About our Farm Here

Join us in creating a more sustainable future by supporting TYS today!

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