Our Staff

Ago Agyemang


Ago has been working at Trinity Yard School since 2009. He has held many roles over the past ten years, and has been instrumental in helping to grow TYS into what it is today. Ago currently oversees the daily operations of the school and yard and our Career Development Program.

“Trinity Yard offers hope for the younger generation who are determined to uplift their lives. We have a positive influence on the youth of Cape Three Points, incentivizing them to graduate from the village primary and junior high school so they can study here.”

Ezekiel Mensah

Maths Teacher & Accountant

Ezekiel has served Trinity Yard School since 2017, working as Math and Reading Comprehension teacher as well as the operations accountant, while studying Business Administration at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Ezekiel, a natural athlete and dedicated environmentalist, can often be found caring for animals and maintaining the gardens.

“Through TYS I've met many volunteers and experienced different cultures. The school helped me to have access to Senior High School and University.  I think TYS has been set as a mirror, the children see how TYS changed the life of others therefore they are hoping to attend the school as well.”

Cecilia Maly

Volunteer English Teacher

Cecilia, a native of Hungary, joined the school as a volunteer English and Art teacher in September 2019. The wide skillset she developed while volunteering with the Enfield Public Services in London has served her well in her role as a TYS educator. Whenever she has some free time, she pursues her keen interest in learning about the sophisticated achievements of traditional cultures, and connecting to local people.

"This one year I have spent volunteering at TYS teaching these amazing students has been the most rewarding experience in my life. The place is lovely and the people are amazing! It has been a transformational experience I will never forget."

Christiana Abandy

Volunteer Math Teacher

Christiana teaches Mathematics and English Reading and Comprehension to the students of TYS. She also assists the organization with desk research, content creation, and management of social media platforms. Christiana is our first African volunteer, with five years of experience in the development and education sectors. With a strong passion for increasing the quality of education offered to children and teenagers, she is especially dedicated to serving those in rural areas and from less privileged backgrounds.

"I have learned a lot at TYS, from the students I teach, the volunteers I work with and the community as a whole. TYS is providing a rich education, equipping the students with academic, vocational and social skill so they can become professionals in their chosen fields."

Justice Cudjoe

Head of Sustainable Agriculture

Justice manages the sustainable agriculture program at yard and teaches sustainable agricultural at the school, overseeing our weekly Green day. He is a certified echo village designer and a permaculturalist, passionate about sustainable agriculture. He determined to promote  sustainable agriculture in the communities TYS serves, as well as infect all with is laughter and good nature.

"TYS has a very big potential to impact the future sustainability of the greater communities. Sustainability is the key, that's what we are preaching here. Our demonstration farm shows them they don't need to wait for someone to come and save them, they can take ownership of their lives now."

Alfred Binnah

Groundskeeper & Agriculture Assistant

Alfred, a former TYS graduate and serves as an agriculture assistant at Trinity Yard. Aflred is a committed to hard work the TYS farm in the same manner he is to his position as the last defense on the soccer team. In his free time he plays center back for the TYS soccer team and also enjoys volleyball and fishing with his friends.

"I lost my Mom and my Dad when I was only 14 years old. I was able to complete JHS but still couldn't speak or write English. I was accepted to TYS in 2014 where I learned many things, including how to speak and write in English. I graduated in 2016 and have since been hired as a Groundskeeper and Agricultural assistant. Trinity Yard is the best!"

Elizabeth Cudjoe

Head School Cook

Elizabeth is a native of Cape Three Points and serves as our Head School Cook. She began working at the yard in 2015 after her son Bismark attended the school and she grew to appreciate our program. She is very proud TYS mother saying “I’m happy to say Biz and his peers now have opportunities that will take them far in life.”

Gifty Ajua Arthur

Assistant School Cook

Gifty Arthur is from Cape Three Points and works as an assistant school cook for both the afterschool and bridge program. When not working at TYS, Gifty sells smoked fish to local vendors and helps her mother in her fufu chop bar in Cape Three Points where she lives with her husband and daughter.

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