Month: February 2020

Managing weeds on the Sustainable Farm

Permaculture at TYS

As we feed our students both breakfast and lunch, and our live-in staff and volunteers receive full room and board, food represents a large portion of Trinity Yard’s budget. To reduce costs and become more sustainable we are working hard to produce as much food on our farm as we can. In the process we …

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Drum Skinning Workshop

We have been honored by our dear friend and master drummer Joe coming to teach a workshop on skinning drums. He came from very far, all the way from Volta region to show our students how to repair drums by stretching new goat skins on them and tuning them with rope and pegs. he also …

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Cassava Harvest

Green Day is my favorite day at TYS! This is when we learn about methods of sustainable agriculture, recycling and waste management outside the classroom. Recently we have been harvesting cassava from our farm land and turning it into garri. Garri is a starch extracted from cassava root which is one of our staple foods here …

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Kente Workshop

Kente weaving is an ancient indigenous method of weaving intricate patterns into strips that can later be sewn together into larger tapestries. These cloths are used for ceremonial events and differ in color and design depending on the region, tribe, and chiefdom. The Kente program at Trinity Yard School began in 2010. It is one of …

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The Peanut Butter Project

Trinity Yard School was fortunate enough this week to have Jeff and Tini of Project Peanut Butter present their project. They were here in Cape Three Points on vacation from Kumasi, where they are working on Project Peanut Butter. Project Peanut Butter is an organization aimed at eradicating malnutrition in Africa. Malnutrition is a critical, global …

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Permaculture at TYS

Despite valiant attempts at a diversified kitchen garden, our free-range chickens wreaked havoc on everything except for the coco yam, basil and aloe, apparently they are bomb-proof. This initiated the first of many farm projects this summer, which was to relocate and renovate the chicken coop. After diligent dedication the coop became a frame so that …

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TYS Summer Camp

TYS hosted a mini Summer Camp for local youth to spark their interest in applying for admission.  We hosted 36 students every morning for a week!  They came from our town Cape Three Points, and by foot from Akwidaa and Aketeshie, which is an hour and a half walk each way. Each day was different. We …

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