Volunteer Testimonials

Elise Fräulin (Volunteer Math Teacher)

elise fraulin


“Never having worked as a teacher before, this was a new but very rich experience for me. The students were so nice and very eager to learn new things.  It was a real pleasure to work with them. Teaming with the other teachers was also a great thing, as everybody was highly motivated, and we did a lot of creative school work. As with Fabian, I enjoyed living in the Yard, Maa(t)’s delicious food, the beach, and playing cards in the evenings. All in all, we had an amazing time. Without Trinity Yard, our stay in Ghana wouldn’t have been the same!”

Fabian Seiferling (Agricultural Volunteer)

“The six weeks I spent at Trinity Yard were very intense and full of good experiences. I enjoyed my freedom and the great opportunities in the tropical gardens of the School, as well as the exchange of information with the local students on ‘Green Days.’ The paradise beach of the Yard is beautiful and recompenses everybody for a hard day’s work.”

Joan Myers (Education Volunteer)

joan myers

“The beauty surrounding the Yard would be enough alone to make my experience at Trinity Yard School wonderful, but the respectfulness and motivation of the students and the joy of teaching with dedicated professionals made it truly awesome. I’m proud to have played a part in the heroic purpose of Trinity Yard School and glad for the opportunity to witness the mingling of cultures and a staff working to better the lives of these young, deserving people by providing opportunities to continue their education or training.”

Ainsley Duyvestyn-Smith (Education Volunteer)

ainsley duyvestyn


“I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to live and teach at TYS. Never again will I be so lucky to work with students with such a thirst for knowledge and desire to develop their skills. Top this off with the most beautiful seaside location in Ghana and a handful of like-minded volunteers, teachers and staff, and it was an experience which was rewarding in so many ways.“

Dick Nessen (Volunteer Math Teacher)

Dick Nesson


“During my stay at Trinity Yard School, I found it to be a haven and a challenge for its students. It provides a safe, supportive environment while providing a much needed opportunity for these young adults to prepare for their future working life. The staff at the school is skilled, compassionate, and dedicated. They were consistently welcoming and always helpful. They made my stay at the school one of my most rewarding experiences.”

Allie Faber (Volunteer Math Teacher)

Allie Faber


”The occasion to volunteer at Trinity Yard School came at an opportune time in my life, a time which was filled with much uncertainty and change. Being away from the American pace of life helped bring clarity and perspective that will influence my decisions in the near future if not the rest of my life. This experience was extremely challenging, yet, in the end, those difficulties made it that much more rewarding and fulfilling.”

Liam Kelley-St. Clair (Lead Teacher)



“The Trinity Yard School is unique as both an institution and an experience. I worked at TYS for over a year with a group of truly amazing, dedicated, and incredibly hardworking individuals – both Ghanaian and American. My time spent working at TYS was challenging at times, but ultimately left me with a much better understanding of the gentle compassion of Ghanaian people, my own place in a world that is ripe with opportunity and diversity, and with a set of skills that have extended themselves to almost every other aspect of my life – personal, professional, and spiritual.”