Student Travel Groups

Trinity Yard is proud to have hosted various student travel groups in the past and plans to continue hosting many more in future years. Our partnership with various high schools, universities, and student travel programs is hugely beneficial to the school; student volunteers bring energy, passion, and knowledge to our organization. In addition, visiting student groups allow the Ghanaian students to engage in cultural exchanges. Every group that comes to the Yard carries out projects that will help the school.  Past student groups have tackled many projects that wouldn’t have gotten done otherwise, like: painted and tiled the school building, started a vegetable garden, dug a well for the school, and organized the library.


Putney Student Travel.

Since 2009, we have hosted a Putney Student Travel group at the Yard. For 63 years now, this Vermont-based student travel company has offered high school and middle school students the opportunity to travel responsibly all over the world. Over the course of their three-week stays with us, Putney visitors have completed numerous, lasting projects for the school and the surrounding communities, including construction of community buildings in Cape Three Points.

Jackson Hole High School

We are also thankful for a close relationship with a student group from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, that started volunteering here in 2011. Organized and led by Mark Pommer and Yara Abad, this group has greatly facilitated the school’s progress. For example, in 2012, Jackson Hole students designed and organized our school’s library, which has provided our students with an airy classroom and a great environment for reading. The group has also set up a  bike workshop, built our Round Garden, and organized reading programs with primary school students from Cape Three Points.

Bicton College

In addition to welcoming high school groups, Trinity Yard has had the pleasure of hosting a group of volunteer students from Bicton College, a small agricultural college in the United Kingdom. Led by Lecturer Ant Mackeral, the group has built composting toilets for our students, taught environmental classes and laid out a vast keyhole garden for food sustainability. The Bicton group has also put us into contact with other organizations such as Book-Cycle, a UK-based charity that sends free books to developing countries.

The Gailer School

In the spring of 2010, we hosted a volunteer group from the Gailer School, a small private school located in Middlebury, Vermont. The Gailer students, aged 13-18, organized a short-story writing project for our students. The project was hugely beneficial to our students, who had never written a story before. It was a great success.

 Vergennes Union High School

In 2013, following the success of the Gailer writing workshop, a group of students from Vergennes Union High School, located in Vermont, came to Trinity Yard to conduct their own storytelling workshop. Over the course of their stay, Vergennes students helped our students develop, organize, and present their own personal stories. Thanks to a few generously donated surfboards from the Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Company, Vergennes students learned to surf each day, along with a few of the braver Trinity Yard students.