Volunteer Life

First and foremost, volunteers come to Trinity Yard to serve the youth of Cape Three Points and the surrounding communities.  Contrary to many volunteer programs, where volunteers are left to fend for themselves, here, you will be among other passionate adults, including native Ghanaians, who act as a network of support and guidance. Moreover, one of this year’s objectives is to train our volunteers to be effective, student-centric teachers.

We have a wealth of material to work with. Our library holds thousands of donated books that encompass a broad range of subject matter and caters to all levels. It includes an entire section of EFL and math teaching materials as well as ample resource materials.

Although most volunteers live in male and female dorms a short walk from the School, we have, in the past, been able to house couples in their own space by dedicating one of the dorms to a couple. In our experience, couples who get along well thrive here.

In exchange for roughly five hours/day, five days/week, room and board is provided. Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are prepared on-site by the Trinity Yard kitchen staff. The food served at the Yard is perhaps best described as Ghanaian International. Some of the dishes are distinctly Ghanaian, tamed slightly to cater to a Western palate. Conversely, other dishes are well-known international dishes served with a Ghanaian twist. The result is distinctly spicy cuisine that appeals to both the Ghanaian staff and the international staff and Volunteers. Many of our meals are vegetarian, and we eat a lot of eggs (for breakfast), and occasionally have chicken or fish for dinner.


Activities at the Yard

All work, no play? Not at Trinity Yard. Despite our remote location, and in some cases because of it, life here is diverse in its possibilities.

Here are just a few activities that volunteers can participate in during their free time:

  • surfing world-class point breaks
  • snorkeling in the clear waters of the Gulf of Guinea
  • sea kayaking
  • fishing with local fishermen in dugout canoes
  • hiking on trails through the rainforest reserve
  • relaxing around spectacular beach bonfires
  • helping cook traditional Ghanaian dishes
  • weeding and harvesting our vegetable gardens
  • playing beach volleyball and football with students and staff

Being a Part of the Community

Interested volunteers also can immerse themselves in Ghanaian culture. Whether it is learning Fante or one of the other Ghanaian languages, haggling over the price of produce in the market at Takoradi, dancing to the beat of Ghanaian drumming, or learning the ancient art of Kente weaving, Trinity Yard volunteers will be exposed to the renowned vibrancy of Ghanaian culture.

Volunteers act as ambassadors on behalf of the school when student groups visit. We expect volunteers to contribute to the community of the Yard – whether it is helping to prepare a meal, assisting other volunteers with their classes, or learning to do laundry by hand. Living at the Yard is about respecting the environment and those around you. The limited electricity and lack of running water at the Yard takes some people a while to get used to, but most volunteers agree that taking a bucket shower under the stars of our spectacularly lit night sky outweighs the luxury of a showerhead.

The staff at Trinity Yard wholeheartedly welcomes all volunteers to the Yard, and will go out of our way to make sure that you are treated as a friend and a valuable asset to the school’s continuation.