The Year So Far!

So far, we have had an excellent year here at Trinity Yard School.  The students have returned this week with renewed energy after the break, and have participated in all classes and activities with great enthusiasm! To celebrate the end of week one of term two, let’s take a look back on what we learned in term one.

Avi and Liam taught the students English and Grammar, focusing particularly on sentence structure and correct use of present and past tense. The student’s began reading Charlotte’s Web, learning a lot of new vocabulary along the way. We asked questions around the story and its characters, and look forward to continuing with it this term! We worked on both academic and creative writing, keeping in mind everything we had learnt in our English and Grammar classes as we wrote.

P1000497 (2)IMG_6139

Ago taught the student’s all about the African Continent in geography class, starting with Ghana and spreading out, discussing each country’s economy, culture and landscape.

IMG_5918 (2)IMG_5928 (2)

Ago and Theodocia also taught science, focusing last term on agriculture, and the human anatomy. Of course we had our green day every Wednesday to try out our agriculture and permaculture skills in the field!


Jonathan and Theodocia cracked the whip in mathematics, turning the students into wizards with multiplication and division.


Jonathan also guided the students through the theory of art (with some fun practical artwork too!) as well as familiarizing the students with basic word documents in ICT. The students enjoyed sewing and beading with Theodocia, and Kente weaving with Niifio every day after lunch.

IMG_6170 (2)IMG_6194 (2)

In addition to a fantastic year in school, our graduates, who are now in the Career Development Program have continued to flourish!

IMG_6120 (2)

A highlight of course was reaching our goal with the bike fundraiser! Thanks to everyone who donated and supported the fundraiser, we were able to get the bikes by Christmas!

bikesP1000676 (2)

We look forward to continuing to work hard and enjoy another great term!