Students bios

Florence Cudjoe,TYS Student

My mother raised me and my three siblings as a single parent before she passed away, when I was in class 6. I then moved to Agona to stay with a family relative and attend school there, but after a year I had to quit to come back home, as the woman I stayed with maltreated me. I lost the opportunity to learn ICT and French in the junior high school in Agona, as my hometown of Cape Three Points didn’t offer such classes and had far fewer of teachers.

After graduation from Cape Three Points junior high school I decided to enroll in the Trinity Yard School, because I have seen inspiring stories of former students. These stories motivate me to come to school everyday.

With the support of TYS, Florence hopes to “pursue my dream of going to a vocational school to study catering and pursuing a catering career to be able to take care of my siblings and grandmother.”.

John Yankey, TYS Student

At the age of 10, my dad left me and my siblings in the care of our mother. Not by choice, but because he was heavily indebted and had to travel to find work.  My parents eventually separated and since then I’ve lived between my mother’s, my dad’s, and my friends’ homes.

Growing up and schooling in Akwidaa was somewhat tough. I didn’t have many learning opportunities, due to the lack of teachers at the school, and no electricity in my home to enable me do any extra learning on my own.

With the support of TYS, John hopes to improve his reading & math skills, with the goal of becoming a tile mason and running his own business in the future.

Sophia, CDP Student

When I was the age of 14 my father died and my mother had to take care of my brothers and me. I was the only one of my family who attended to school, my brothers decided to work instead, to bring money home and help my mom. When I finished junior high school, I didn’t have anything to do, so I decided to attend TYS to study and improve my English.

My experience was really good. The teachers helped me a lot and made sure I understood everything. English is very important in Ghana.  If you don’t know how to speak English, it is difficult to get a good job. I am proud that my English is better now.

With the support of our Career Development Program, Sophia will soon start a 3 year tailoring apprenticeship with the dream to become a fashion designer and one day a master tailor herself.

Samuel, CDP Student

When I finished JHS I did not have any support from my family to continue my studies. Before joining TYS I used to work in the farm planting cassava and tomatoes to earn money to buy food.

My experience at the TYS was really nice. At first my english was not very good, but I started improving my speaking and reading and also worked on my written english, by writing in my school journal every week. I like the way the teachers taught and took their time to explain everything.

With the help our Career Development Program, Samuel will soon begin a 3 year apprenticeship at the Kwansa Toyota Shop to become a qualified car mechanic.

Kingsford, TYS and CDP Alumni

I don’t know if I have the words to describe what TYS is doing. There are many youth in the village who have little or no family support and look to TYS for their future.

At TYS, I learned math skills which I still use now in my sewing and running my shop. Through CDP, I was placed in a 3 year apprenticeship with a master tailor and supported with all the tools and materials I needed, and a place to stay.

I can boldly say that without TYS I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Kingsford is now a master tailor and owns his own tailoring shop.

Zakari, TYS and CDP Alumni


TYS has helped a great deal to bring me from a hopeless state to a state full of hope. My life under the umbrella of TYS has never brought me any downfall. I’m always going higher, and now even the sky is no longer the limit, because we’re heading beyond it.


Zakari’s dream of receiving an education was thrown of course many times, due to a lack of finances and family struggles, resulting in him graduating junior high 5 years after his agemates. Thanks to TYS and TYS supporters, Zakari is now enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in the School of Medical Sciences at KNUST, one of the top universities in Ghana.