Samuel Ackah

Samuel AckahSamuel is a bright and hard-working student who enjoys carpentry and volleyball in his spare time. He takes inspiration from his uncle who is a mason for the army and would like to follow in his footsteps by becoming a builder. His favorite thing about Trinity Yard School is the architecture of the school itself, and he takes particular pleasure in the design of our circular panoramic library. Samuel is still undecided as to the best route for becoming a builder – he might go to senior high school or vocational school or serve an apprenticeship – but we’re confident he has what it takes to realize his dream.

Although the cost of each post-TYS placement varies, as does the ability of the graduates’ families to contribute, an average placement costs Trinity Yard approximately $1,800 for a typical three year program (inclusive of tuition, student fees, material costs, food, housing, transportation, etc.).

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