Olivia Aidoo

Olivia AidooFor Olivia Trinity Yard School is a truly second chance. Olivia joined us in 2013, but dropped out because she became pregnant. After delivering a child and overcoming the difficulties of being single mother, she came back and asked to re-join again. We were happy upon her return and knew that she will make a strong addition to the existing team of students.

Olivia’s performance has exceeded all our expectation. Olivia has displayed a high level of achievement in all the subjects. She is one of our most fluent English speakers and excels in Math and Science. She is an intelligent and very determined young lady, and whatever she decides to do, she will make success of it. She has shown great leadership skills, often helping those who are struggling in class.

Olivia lives in a small fishing village of Akwidaa with her grandfather, who is a traditional medicine man and runs an herbal shop. Olivia wants to follow her grandfather’s steps and become a nurse.

After graduating from Trinity Yard School, Olivia wants to continue her education first in Senior High School and later in a nursing school in Accra.

Although the cost of each vocational school placement varies, as does the ability of the graduates’ families to contribute, an average placement costs Trinity Yard approximately $1,800 for a typical three-year program (inclusive of tuition, student fees, material costs, food, housing, transportation, etc.).

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