Mary Binnah

Mary BinnahMary became orphaned 6 years ago and faces serious financial hardship every day. She sells rice at the market on the weekends to earn money to buy food and other basic necessities. Mary’s older brother Alfred is also a student at Trinity Yard School and its great to see them supporting and helping each other as they navigate through their lives without any parental support.

Mary never shows her sadness, she is a strong young woman and looks positively into the future. At the beginning of school Mary was very shy and quiet not because she didn’t know the answers, but as a result of the caning system that still takes place in many schools in Ghana. Now at Trinity Yard School Mary feels more comfortable to speak up in class, participate in debates and ask questions and the fear of making mistakes that Mary developed from local school system is gradually disappearing. Her real passion is art and fashion and Mary shows a lot of talent during our beading, sewing and Kente classes.

Mary’s dream is to open a dress making shop so she can create her own unique and innovative designs. After graduating from Trinity Yard School this June, Mary aims to study dressmaking with a master seamstress in Takoradi.

Although the cost of each vocational school placement varies, as does the ability of the graduates’ families to contribute, an average placement costs Trinity Yard approximately $1,800 for a typical three-year program (inclusive of tuition, student fees, material costs, food, housing, transportation, etc.).

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