Francis Aidoo

Francis AidooFrancis is a dedicated and hard working student. His favourite subject is Math and acquiring a mathematical mind made him a serious competitor during our drafts and chess tournaments. Francis exhibits his impressive farming skills during “Green Day” which takes place each Wednesday, when students learn about various methods of sustainable agriculture on our farmland.

Francis lives in a small village of Cape 3 Points with his mother and six siblings. After school Francis goes farming and on the weekend he goes fishing to help to support his family.

Francis has shown an incredible skill on the football field, not surprising that he was invited to play as a goalkeeper for Cape 3 Points football team.

After graduating from Trinity Yard School Francis would like to learn the trade of welding and construction as an apprentice in Takoradi.

Although the cost of each vocational school placement varies, as does the ability of the graduates’ families to contribute, an average placement costs Trinity Yard approximately $1,800 for a typical three-year program (inclusive of tuition, student fees, material costs, food, housing, transportation, etc.).

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