Emmanuel Sobeng

Emmanuel SobengAt school Emmanuel enjoys English and Reading, and has proved to have quite a green thumb when it comes to Green Day. In the morning before class and in the afternoons Emmanuel is usually seen practising his kente weaving skills that has really paid off and resulted in some truly beautiful pieces of cloth.

Emmanuel is a true poet, dreamer and a romantic at heart, a very rare quality for a young man in these communities, where the harsh reality of every day life doesn’t leave much space for such sensitivities.

Emmanuel is one of 8 children in the family of a fisherman. From an early age Emmanuel’s dad took him to sea to pass on all his wisdom and skills. Although still a young man he is a very respected amongst the fisherman community. On a weekend Emmanuel earns extra money by cleaning fisherman’s nets and selling his mothers smoked fish.

After graduating from Trinity Yard School, Emmanuel plans to attend Technical School and learn how to handle heavy machinery.

Although the cost of each vocational school placement varies, as does the ability of the graduates’ families to contribute, an average placement costs Trinity Yard approximately $1,800 for a typical three-year program (inclusive of tuition, student fees, material costs, food, housing, transportation, etc.).

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