Cultural Exchange and Cooperative School Investment

Our Bridge Program students are regularly exposed to visiting student  groups with whom they work side-by-side. Unlike some other volunteer programs, when student travel groups visit Trinity Yard and initiate work projects, they are not left unto themselves.  Our Ghanaian students and staff work hand-in-hand with our visitors, with whom they also share meals and social events.

Cultural Exchange 2

All of our students receive a free education as well as substantial financial assistance in their apprenticeships or post-TYS educations.  Thus, we expect them to give back to the School and take responsibility for the upkeep of their environment. Demonstrating this, they personally invest in and take ownership of the School through structured work periods during which time they remove garbage from the beach, weed the gardens and school grounds, sweep and mop the school’s interior, fetch drinking water, and clean the student bathrooms, for example.  There is always plenty to do to keep our 20-acre campus thriving.