Congratulations Jupiter!

Zakari (Jupiter) Nurudeen graduated TYS in 2013 and is currently enrolled at Diabene High School, set to graduate next year. Recently, Jupiter was invited to take part in a science and math program for the two best students from each senior high school in Ghana. From the 38 students from 19 schools in the Western Region, he was elected the western regional prefect. 347 schools took part with 694 students. The two students that had been chosen from each school were asked to give a presentation that they had prepared earlier. For this portion of the program, Jupiter placed 16th. Following the project presentation, all the students took classes on math, physics, biology, agriculture, chemistry, accounting, economics and business management. Following the lessons, they were quizzed on the classes they had attended. Jupiter placed 10th overall! Upon his return to school he was elected assistant school prefect of Diabene senior high school.

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