Community Literacy

Overlooking the Gulf of Guinea, the Trinity Yard School Library is the core of the School’s seven-sided structure and the proud home to thousands of donated books. Over the course of two years, Mark Pommer and Yara Abad led visiting high school groups from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Together, who worked diligently to make the Library what it is today. Thanks to the group’s efforts, the Library is efficiently organized by genre and comprehension level. For illiterate students starting out in our program, the Library offers a wealth of progressive early reader programs and picture books that encourage students to build an appreciation for reading. For students arriving with stronger reading skills, the Library provides a unique atmosphere for building their reading confidence as well as a logical system for progressing in reading comprehension.


Growing up without books inhibits a child from appreciating the power of literature and the special ability of books to transport a mind to an entirely different place. Our students were deprived of this outlet growing up, so it is our goal to offer as many as possible the opportunity to learn to value reading.

Our Library serves as a safe environment for students to read without disruption. The geometrical layout of the room allows sunlight to flow in from every angle; the distant sounds of crashing waves and singing birds are the only distractions. Our goal is to have the Library become even more accessible for eager youth in the surrounding communities and to continue improving the literacy rate in this area one individual at a time.