Class of 2015

Our students come from a number of small fishing communities surrounding the village of Cape Three Points. There is currently no electricity in these villages, and local residents have limited access to healthcare, reliable transportation, and adequate sanitation. The government has also generally underfunded the basic educational system in these villages. After finishing junior high school, local youth have few options for their future, since there are no senior high schools in any of the nearby villages and the only available work is in small-scale fishing and farming.

The Trinity Yard School recruits bright and eager junior high school graduates from the nearby communities, offering them a promising path to their adult lives.. Our students have come from a wide-range of backgrounds – some have travelled hundreds of miles to the region with no friends and family; some spend late nights hauling nets full of fish into dugout wooden canoes; others were orphaned at a young age and have been given work, housing, and education at our school.

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