Arts and Crafts at TYS

Kente weaving has been, and continues to be, a popular artistic offering at the Trinity Yard School. Kente weaving is an ancient indigenous method in which thread is set on a loom and woven into strips that are later sewn together into larger tapestries.

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These cloths are used for ceremonial events and differ in color and design depending on the region, tribe, and chiefdom. The Kente program at Trinity Yard School began in 2010.

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Formerly led by Promise Badu, son of a master Kente weaver in the Volta region of Ghana, the Kente program is now led by James “Niifio” Awotwe, a 2012 TYS graduate and friend of all Yard visitors.

Neifew, assisting a student with his Kente.
Niifio, assisting a student with his Kente.

The Kente program brings a different aspect of Ghanaian culture to the School’s isolated region, allowing students to learn an ancient art that they would never have had access to otherwise.

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Now, Thanks to Theodocia Sosu, our new mathematics and science teacher, we have added sewing and beading to the arts and crafts program. It has only been a week since we have introduced sewing and beading, but the response so far has been very positive!

Theodocia demonstrates during sewing class
Theodocia demonstrates during sewing class

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