Trinity Yard aims to educate and empower the youth of Cape Three Points, Ghana by providing a fee-free secondary education and career training to honor the potential of young Ghanaians.

Over the past ten years Trinity Yard School (TYS) has service led the youth of Cape Three Points, Ghana, and the surrounding communities—rural areas where access to educational opportunities is limited. Due to the lack of government-run secondary schooling, opportunities beyond junior high school are particularly limited, and local students are often prematurely pushed off the academic track, limiting their potential for growth.

We aim to bridge that gap in three ways:

  • Bridge Program:  providing a fee-free secondary education option with a focus on English and Reading Comprehension, Math, Science with a focus on sustainable agriculture, traditional arts and a variety of extra-curricular activities and workshops.
  • Career Development Program (CDP):  helping our students plan for their futures through individualized career counseling and, thereafter, assisting in the placement and funding of our graduates in senior high schools, vocational institutions, and apprenticeship programs of their choice.
  • Community Literacy: Our library is home to thousands of books and accessible to the surrounding communities. We offer a wealth of progressive early reader programs to encourage youth to build an appreciation for reading and a unique atmosphere for readers to building their confidence.

Our day-school, the Bridge Program, is a two-year program accepting 25-30 students, providing a fee-free secondary educational option with a focus on core academics, arts, sustainable agriculture and healthy living.

Upon successful completion of the Bridge Program, students then enroll in our Career Development program which provides individualized career counsel to assist our graduates in selecting a senior high school placement, vocational school placement, or apprenticeship placement based on their skills, aptitudes, and interests. The school provides financial assistance, emotional and logistical support, as necessary, to our graduates so that they may further their educations and acquire the knowledge and skills they need to compete in a limited and highly competitive job market.

Since 2008, our programs have graduated over 123 students from our Bridge Program and assisted over 98 graduates in our Career Development Program, with two of our former students enrolled in university. Others have found gainful employment or have started their own businesses.

Trinity Yard is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization in the United States (2007). We have since been officially recognized by the Ghanaian government since 2014 with a Certificate of Registration as an NGO in Ghana.