Our Yard

The Trinity Yard campus includes a school for our students, and also a separate living space for staff and volunteers. This area, which we call the Yard, is where our staff eats, sleeps, and hangs out. The Yard is also home to a number of current projects that we have implemented over the years with the long-term goal of achieving self-sustainability. Some of these projects include composting toilets, vegetable gardens, water purification systems, and a solar electricity initiative.


The Yard itself sits atop a hill overlooking the ocean – one can have morning coffee in the outdoor kitchen and gaze for miles on the seemingly endless Gulf of Guinea. A perfect left-hand point break peels across our bay throughout the year, making the beach a true surfer’s paradise. Located about a mile down the beach from Cape Three Points, the Yard is its own bubble of life inside the Cape Three Points Forest Reserve, a protected tropical rain forest that is broken up by small subsistence farms.

The Yard is home to volunteers and staff working at the school. With a half-dozen buildings that function as living accommodations, the Yard is a mini-community unto itself. Located just outside the perimeter of a vast coconut reserve are two spacious bungalows that house volunteers and student groups. These dormitory-style accommodations are situated at the base of a path that leads up a small hill to the school. Off of the path going towards the beach are three more bungalows, which house our Ghanaian staff and long-term volunteers. All these houses are made of wood or cement, and are structurally equipped to survive even the most intense downpours of the rainy season. For volunteers, the Yard is a home away from home.

The Yard is without many of the distractions that pervade our lives in the 21st century. At night, the only sounds are the chirping crickets and the crashing waves. There are no lights for miles; the moon and the stars are spectacular in the clear night sky. At the Yard, you can relax in a hammock overlooking the ocean or be the sole-surfer on world-class waves – two hours after being caught up in the bustling market chaos of Takoradi. The Yard is a special place for both visitors and permanent staff; it feels natural to call it “home” after just a few days of tranquility.