The Trinity Yard School, Cape Three Points

Trinity Yard is looking for Volunteer teachers of English as a Second Language and Basic Math

TRINITY YARD from natalija gormalova on Vimeo.

Dear Friends and Family, It is hard to believe it’s been almost 8 years since the seed was planted for what is today a thriving school that supports nearly 60 disadvantaged young adults in the rural fishing villages that comprise the most southern tip o Ghana. After years of hard work by many people from all parts of the world the vision of building a school and creating a program that fosters education, growth and equips Ghanaian youth with valuable skills, has become a reality. Our two-year academic program at the Trinity Yard School is called the Bridge Program. It provides students ages 16-20 the necessary educational support to bridge the great divide between students facing very limited opportunity and a future allowing students to realize their full potential. We focus on English, Reading comprehension, basic Math, kente weaving, sustainable agriculture as well as provide exposure to a variety of extra-curriculum activities and vocational workshops. Upon completion of the two year program, students are eligible for enrolment in our new Career Development Program. The CDP provides career counsel and placement into senior high schools, vocational schools and apprenticeships based on their skills, aptitudes and interests. The CDP is a three-year program that gives students the opportunity to pursue their interests in various trades, allowing them to obtain marketable skills to help improve their lives and their community. As you can imagine, our students face many challenges. They live without running water and have no access to other basic modern conveniences. Many come from very difficult home situations. Some families simply cannot afford to support their children in their efforts to further their education. Without your support very few of our students would receive an education beyond junior high school. The time our students spend at Trinity Yard School is only the beginning of their path to self-reliance. By providing our graduates with the financial support necessary to continue their educational journey and acquire valuable skills, we are better able to fulfil our mission serving the youth of Cape 3 Points and the surrounding communities.  This is where we need your help. We are now in the process of matching sponsors with Trinity Yard School graduates, and we are reaching out to you in the hopes that you might be in a position to help one of these fine young people. Sponsoring one of our graduates will help pay for that student’s three-year Career Development Program. By donating any tax-deductible amount a month you can play a vital role in a student’s journey to reach his or her potential. When these young adults gain the necessary skills to succeed in their trade, they will be able to support themselves, their families and help develop the greater community. This is an opportunity to make a huge difference in the life of one of our students. Your contribution in its entirety will directly support a Trinity Yard School student on his/her three-year Career Development journey. Thank you very much for your support. Rory Jackson